ill just sit on my personal

and do personal things

personal things are too boring


ill just sit on my personal

and do personal things


i think i’ve spent a little too much time on my roleplay blog


Miyazaki M!As. Drop 'em in my ask?

  • The Cat Returns: Turned into a cat for four days(Or any animal. Specify.)
  • Sophie: My muse is now a ________(Specify what age.) for three days
  • Chihiro: Working for _______(Specify who) for four days
  • Haku: Muse has no idea who they are and has no memory of anything/anyone (Amnesia basically.) for three days
  • Mononoke-Hime: Muse will be sick until they _____(Specify action.)
  • Arrietty: Tiny for three days
  • Totoro: My muse has an "imaginary" friend who is with them constantly for two days
  • Ponyo: My muse is a(n)______ until they _________(Specify what and action)
  • Castle in the Sky: Has the ability to _______(Specify) for three days
  • Kiki: has the ability to fly on a _____(specify what) for three days
  • No Face: Won't be able to talk and will follow ______ for three days (Specify who.)
  • Be Creative. Feel free to add some more~

“You don’t want me. You’re all hard work and deadlines! I’m… snowballs and fun times. I’m not a Guardian.”




Every person who reblogs this will get a song title and a reason to listen to it put in their ask box



i promise

Oh man this person is in over their head.

6,750 notes, and I STILL GOT ONE



This is just what happens when our roommate leaves his door unlocked for the weekend

  • 8 AM: im
  • 11 AM: im gonna
  • 2 PM: im gonna draw
  • 5 PM: im gonna draw a thing
  • 9 PM: guYS im
  • 12 AM: im gonNA drAW
  • 4 36 AM: iM DOING iT IM DrAWING a thING


Imagine your otp as small crusty turds